Improve manufacturing in 8 weeks!

With Scable, you can replace paper sheets and Excel spreadsheets with a user-friendly software. It is designed to be intuitive for both operators and managers. We promise measurable results after only 8 weeks.

Popular modules

Digital shopfloor management

Paperless assembly

Smart manufacturing

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Three employees stand in production and discuss the key figures on a large monitor in store floor management

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Typical results

that can be achieved with the Scable software!


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Processes in manufacturing are often more complex than they should be!

Manufacturing companies today are under tremendous pressure to improve efficiency. Yet daily operations are dominated by paper sheets, excel spreadsheets and white boards. This is costly, inefficient and there is no time for improvement.

Make processes in manufacturing simple!

With Scable you create accelerated and efficient processes in manufacturing. You get software that supports both operators and managers in their daily work.

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Manufacturing at a glance.

Our software modules:

Shopfloor management

Reliable digital information supports proven shopfloor management methods for daily leadership and improvement.


Flexible mapping of the org chart

KPI collectioin for both series and variant production

Aggregation and visualization of KPIs for the daily meetings

Escalation of support needed in 3D layout

Problem-based improvement actions according to PDCA

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Reliable KPIs

Deviation can be recognized faster (target/actual)

Effective problem-solving

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Paperless assembly

Employees in assembly are enabled to assemble all variants in a process-safe manner and without paper sheets.


Work instructions with ERP data, documents, photos and videos

Qualification-dependent and intuitive operator guidance

Tracability for each single part

Quality gates and collection of process data

Flexible planning of personnel, work orders and shifts

User-friendly administration

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Higher quality through higher process stability

More time for value creation through reduced waste

Faster training times

Reduced efforts for administration

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Smart manufacturing

Employees on the shopfloor receive all relevant information on their smartphones and tablets at the machines.


Manage and book manufacturing orders directly on site

Automatical machine data collection

User-friendly recording of downtimes and quality issues

Access to work instructions and drawings

Flexible planning of personnel, work orders and shifts

Intuitive dashboards for multi-machine-operation

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Efficient multi-machine-operation

Reliable data collection Datenerfassung

Clear responsibilities

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Guided leadership

Managers are supported with relevant KPIs and workflows for their daily tasks.


Meeting Manager for effective shopfloor meetings

Go-To-Gemba reminders

Process confirmation with digital T-CARDs

Performance dashboards for each work system

Structured problem-solving techniques according to A3 or 8D

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Unified leadership structures

Faster and focused shopfloor meetings

Clear priorities and responsibilities

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Data connectors

The flexible and fast integration of existing data from ERP, machines and third-party systems avoids double entries and ensures consistent information.


Bi-directional interfaces to ERP systems such as SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, SAGE and many more.

Usage of machine data like counters or conditions (e.g. via iIoT devices, OPC-UA, MQTT)

Start of test processes and documentation of test results

Control of pick-to-light systems or tools

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

No double entries

Consistent information and KPIs

Live access from everywhere

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Identification and Serialization

Components, assemblies, products and workpiece carriers are uniquely identified by QR codes or RFID tags.


Identification of the next order by scanning QR codes or RFID tags.

Individual label designs with statically and dynamically generated content (e.g. test results or serial numbers)

Print jobs initiated from the assembly process

Direct integration of the scanners to the end devices

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Less non-productive time due to direct pressure in the work system

Reliable and easy to administer printing service

Clear identification of components and products

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Tracability and stable processes

Defective parts must not be passed on. It is therefore important to avoid defects before they occur. Should a defect nevertheless occur, process parameters and conditions are traceable for each individual part.


Digital qualification matrix for all employees

Binding quality gates between process steps

Consistent tracing of relevant manufacturing data across the entire value chain

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Reduced rework through quality gates

Full tracability in case of failures

Unique identification of components and products

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How Daikin Manufacturing setup a Smart Factory

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Our journey from Lean Manufacturing to Smart Factory took only 8 weeks! Our operations management efficiency has improved significantly.

Markus Laging

Plant Manager

Daikin Manufacturing Germany GmbH

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Frequently asked questions

Quick success of our customers and avoiding lengthy implementation projects are a big priority for us. Our software is flexible and quickly configurable, allowing us to digitize an entire plant within 8 weeks. Our promise: After 8 weeks you will achieve measurable improvements!

Typical investments of our customers in the first year start at USD 10,000 (small plant) and are correspondingly higher for larger plants. Our customers thus typically achieve a return on investment of two to six months. The exact investment level for a production plant depends on its size and the required customizing effort. License fees, further developments and support are covered by an annual software rental. We do not use complicated licensing models that limit the number of users.

Continuous improvements and one-time effects are achieved. The simple and effective improvement process typically results in continuous efficiency improvements of about 10 to 20% per year (1-2% per month). This is achieved by reduced waste, prioritizing improvement actions and making faster decisions in day-to-day business.

Our software is based on a variety of proven analog methods that empower employees and managers to improve processes. Digital support eliminates lengthy and bureaucratic documentation. There is significantly more time for improvement. The direct start in the digitally supported variant thus offers the advantages of achieving higher efficiency gains, enthusiastic employees and faster understanding.

Connecting ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ProAlpha, Sage, Abas and many more is something we do every day. Our data connectors can synchronize all necessary data both read and write. For example, order data, parts lists, material movements or performance values are exchanged automatically.

Yes, machine data can be collected directly from the machine control, via Industrial IoT devices, or via standardized protocols (such as OPC UA or MQTT). In most cases, it is worthwhile to query specific parameters such as piece counters or machine states and to integrate them into the processes. On request, we will be happy to supply you with an evaluation kit or advise you on the selection of suitable hardware for your plant.

Our solution offers maximum flexibility. The software is responsive (usable with different screen widths). This means that you can use anything from a huge TV monitor on the hall ceiling to a smartphone. Likewise, all desktop PCs, laptops or tablet PCs can be used. The only important thing is that a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) or Safari is used. It is not necessary to install programs on the end devices.

In most cases not. Especially at the beginning, we primarily use the end devices that are already available on the shopfloor. The software is designed in such a way that the main entries can be made when the employees are using a computer anyway (e.g. for feedback). In the case of plant management, on the other hand, permanent access to a terminal device is necessary. Depending on the application, you can choose between one terminal per work system or one terminal per employee.

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