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We run our Shopfloor Management digitally! Even though there were many STIHL specifics to consider, the project was successfully implemented. Manual input processes were minimized and the degree of automation increased.

Kevin Hütz

Project Manager Smart Factory



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Scable's software is the right tool for maintenance management! We generate the data for our day-to-day business in real time and have an active knowledge management for future repairs and investment decisions.

Stefan Bolz

Manager Maintenance

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH


Our journey from Lean Manufacturing to Smart Factory took only 8 weeks! Our operations management efficiency has improved significantly.

Markus Laging

Plant Manager

Daikin Manufacturing Germany GmbH


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Maintenance management with Scable is user-friendly and innovative!

Christopher Kaufmann

Manager Maintenance

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL)


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Before, our meetings were informative, but not numbers and facts oriented. Today we work much more analytically and solution-oriented! I like especially the fact that the employees are very well integrated into the new system.

Patrick Hermann

Manager Manufacturing

VEGA Grieshaber KG


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We now ideally combine shift handover and lean management!

Uwe Kreckel

Plant Manager, ICE plant Frankfurt

DB Fernverkehr AG


I am fascinated by the efficiency and sustained focus on our improvement process!

Manuela Hrkac

Head of Production and Logistics

E.G.O. Produktion GmbH & Co. KG


Due to the high standardization of the assembly activities, we ensure our high quality!

The software is my most important tool. As the company grew, leadership became more and more important and needed a structure. The software provides me that.

Stephan Oberhauser

Head of Supply Chain Management

planlicht GmbH


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The software is the first and the last thing I look at every single day.

Wolfgang Leiß

Manager Maintenance



The maintenance employees are thrilled with the system. We have become much faster and nothing is forgotten anymore.

Tobias Steinert

Manager Maintenance



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Software that inspires.

The implementation of maintain.guide by the Sonic Technology team was a great support to manage our maintenance easily and smart.

Benjamin Emme

Head of Operations

Rasche Umformtechnik GmbH


The affordable, system-independent and usable app is a perfect solution for our employees.

Johannes Landolt

Head of Production and Logistics

Innovations Medical GmbH


We are happy to have found a suitable maintenance system!

Sandro Labuhn

Manager Industrial Engineering

Kokinetics GmbH


The simple operation and well-visualized key figures ensure enthusiasm and a high level of acceptance among the workers.

Patric Hell

Managing Director

Zetec Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG


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