Digitize maintenance in 8 weeks!

Maintenance software is one of the most important tools for maintenance. With Scable you can keep track of everything important even on a turbulent day. Our software is user-friendly for both maintenance employees, specialists and managers.

Popular modules

Reactive and preventive maintenance

Spare part management

Condition monitoring

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Two maintenance employees discuss a machines problem with a tablet.

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Typical results

that can be achieved with the Scable software!


Technical availability


Spare part expenses


Operating time per employee

Maintenance aims for conflicting goals

Maintenance must trade-off between maintenance costs and ensuring the equipment availability. In addition, there is an unmanageable amount of liability risks arising from standards and the law. Complicated IT systems and manual processes cause stress and long training periods for new employees.

Make processes in maintenance simple!

With Scable, you create structured processes for more reliable equipments and shorter response times. We analyze your maintenance processes, network assets and map your processes in a software that can be intuitively operated by workers, executives and management.

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All maintenance activities at a glance

Our maintenance modules:

Reactive maintenance

Unforeseen disruptions and one-off activities are processed and documented in a structured manner.


Simple ticket system for all

Transparent states and responsibilities

Mobile maintenance with tablets and smartphones

Central documentation with files and photos

Intuitive documentation and time recording

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Full documentation of all maintenance activities

Shorter reaction time and time to repair

Transparency about open and on-going actions

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Preventive maintenance

Failures are avoided through cyclical or condition-based maintenance


Simple administration of preventive plans

Automatical reminders and over-due checks

Condition- and counter-based intervals

Checklists and step-by-step action plans

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Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Higher availabilty

Automatical reminders

Reduced effort to administrate

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Spare part management

The structured spare parts management minimizes downtimes and repair times and saves money.


Spare parts are linked to tickets

Meaningful spare part master data

Reliable material movements for correct stock levels

QR-Codes for tracing and scanning

Flexible stock level strategies and procurement processes

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Lower spare part stock levels

Shorter search times

Faster procurement processes

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Planning and scheduling

Upcoming maintenance activities are scheduled, processed and followed up in coordinated maintenance time windows.


Clear clustering of open tasks

Calendar function

Planning of maintenance teams

Standardized activities

Preview function

Re-scheduling of residual work

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Better preparation of maintenance activities

Simple and reliable maintenance time slots

Less effort for planning and scheduling

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Condition monitoring

Sensor and machine data are monitored and maintenance actions are initiated in case of abnormalities.


Flexible machine data collection

Automatical detection of abnormalities

Notification workflow in case of deviations

Live view and dashboards

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Improved usage of wear and tear reserves

Automatical notifications

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KPIs and reporting

Reliable key figures at the push of a button show the situation, costs and improvement of maintenance.


Intuitive dashboards

Definable time periods and filters

Pre-defined KPIs according to standards

Cost accounting of maintenance efforts and spare parts

Export to excel and BI integration

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

Structured improvement of maintenance costs and reaction times

Fast identification of major problems

Facts-based improvement of maintenance strategies

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Maintenance by manufacturing operators

The maintenance specialists are relieved by having the manufacturing department take over simple maintenance tasks in a traceable manner.


Easy-to-adminstrate maintenance actions plans with images and videos

Weekly overview

User-friendly documentation

Intuitive planning and scheduling

Benefits, that our customers appreciate:

More time for maintenance experts for complex tasks

Better collaboration between maintenance and manufacturing

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How Bosch Thermotechnology digitizes Maintenance

More references

Scable's software is the right tool for maintenance management! We generate the data for our day-to-day business in real time and have an active knowledge management for future repairs and investment decisions.

Stefan Bolz

Manager Maintenance

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH


Frequently Asked Questions

Quick success of our customers and avoiding lengthy implementation projects are a big priority for us. Our software is flexible and quickly configurable, allowing us to digitize an entire maintenance organization within 8 weeks. Our promise: After 8 weeks you will achieve measurable improvements!

Typical investments of our customers in the first year start at USD 10,000 (small plant) and are correspondingly higher for larger plants. Our customers thus typically achieve a return on investment of six to twelve months. The exact investment level for a production plant depends on its size and the required customizing effort. License fees, further developments and support are covered by an annual software rental. We do not use complicated licensing models that limit the number of users.

Continuous improvements and one-time effects are achieved. The simple and effective maintenance process typically results in continuous availability improvements and higher operating times per maintenance employee. This is achieved by complete documentation, shorter search times and a more effective communication.

Connecting ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ProAlpha, Sage, Abas and many more is something we do every day. Our data connectors can synchronize all necessary data both read and write. For example, order data, parts lists, material movements or performance values are exchanged automatically.

Yes, machine data can be collected directly from the machine control, via Industrial IoT devices, or via standardized protocols (such as OPC UA or MQTT). In most cases, it is worthwhile to query specific parameters such as piece counters or machine states and to integrate them into the processes. On request, we will be happy to supply you with an evaluation kit or advise you on the selection of suitable hardware for your plant.

Our solution offers maximum flexibility. The software is responsive (usable with different screen widths). This means that you can use anything from a huge TV monitor on the hall ceiling to a smartphone. Likewise, all desktop PCs, laptops or tablet PCs can be used. The only important thing is that a modern browser such as Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) or Safari is used. It is not necessary to install programs on the end devices.

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